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Many homeowners, business owners, schools and others are located in rural areas. The vast majority of these folks use well water from shallow aquifers or from one of several deep water aquifers, depending on where they are geographically.In the case of the Wrights beautiful new home on Edisto Island, S.C., finding suitable water here was a bit of an unusual case. Unusual because normally, the shallow aquifers, 70 feet deep or less, are low in salinity. The shallower wells may contain iron, hydrogen sulfide gas or other typical secondary problems, but high salinity or TDS (total dissolved solids), is a problem in deeper coastal aquifers. All of our shallow test wells on the Wrights property were very high in TDS. We then choose to drill into the Santee-Limestone Aquifer, that runs from the South Santee River in northern Charleston County to a point somewhere south of Edisto Island. While the water in this aquifer increases in TDS from its northern beginning to its southern end, the TDS levels were still lower than that in the shallow well aquifers on the Wright's property. The most cost effective means of reducing total dissolved solids is reverse osmosis. The Wrights system consist of a 1500 GPD R/O unit with a 1000 gallon holding tank and ozonation for keeping the water sanitized. Now, the Wrights have bottled water throughout their new home. Reverse Osmosis is a widely used treatment technology in the water treatment industry. Go to our applications page and click on the 'Reverse Osmosis' in bold blue letters to see other applications for this exciting technology.

 Wright's Edisto Island Home

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