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The bottled water business is growing everyday. Don't just stand by and watch it grow.
(It's easier than you might think.)

Here is a proven way to capture your share of the ever escalating bottled water market. Install either a stand alone customized vending machine or a customized facility for your customers to come vend ultra pure water into their own containers. The system pictured below was installed by The H.M. Northcutt Corp. for the Blue Ridge Rural Water Company in 1998. The Blue Ridge Rural Water Co. had constructed a new office facility across the street from the pictured facility. In lieu of a vending machine, we simply framed in the vending doors which include; Lighted Marquee, Stainless Steel Vend Compartments, easy to read vending instructions and more. The water treatment equipment is housed inside the building which gives operators easy access for servicing. The Marquee can be customized to your liking.

The water vending operation at Blue Ridge has paid for itself. It offers customers an alternative to bottled water delivery or paying high prices for bottled water at the local super market. We are ready to explain your options on unit design and water treatment.

This offers you a chance to capitalize on the bottled water market without the capital necessary to buy bottling machines, delivery trucks, large physical plant, etc. Your customers simply bring their own one gallon or five gallon containers and fill the containers themselves.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Blue Ridge Rural Water Co.

Blue Ridge Rural Water Co.

Blue Ridge Rural Water Co.

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