Commercial Reverse Osmosis Systems

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EPRO 9000

EPRO Series: EPRO-19000: 10,000 to 21,500 Gallons Per Day

  • 304SS Multi-Stage pump (230-460V/60Hz/3Ph) TEFC Motor
  • Low pressure switch
  • 5-micron sediment prefilter
  • Permeate and concentrate flowmeters
  • Contacts for level control and pre-treatment lockout
  • Concentrate and pump discharge pressure gauges
  • Schedule 80 PVC piping
  • PVC pressure valves
  • High rejection TFC membrane
  • Pump throttle valve
  • Concentrate control valve
  • Automatic feed shut-off valve
  • Steel frame w/2-coat epoxy

To View more Information on the EPRO-19000: Click Here (.pdf file)

EPRO Series: EPRO-144K: 31,000 to 144,000 Gallons Per Day

To View Information on the EPRO-144K: Click Here (.pdf file)

Delta 400

Delta Series: Delta-400 275 to 400 Gallons Per Minute

  • 2-Coat Epoxy Painted Carbon Steel Frame
  • Grundfos CRN-Series 316 SS Pump w / TEFC Motor
  • Membranes: 8" by 40", TFC Brackish Water
  • FRP Side-Ported, 450 psi Pressure Vessels
  • High/Low Pressure Switch
  • Voltage: 460V/60Hz/3-Phase
  • Pre-filter Housing: 304SS w / 5 micron cartridges
  • Pressure Gauges: 4" Dia., 316 SS, Pump discharge, Interstage, concentrate & permeate
  • Automatic Inlet Feed water Valve
  • 316SS High Pressure Valves (Concentrate, Pump Throttle)
  • Flow Meters: Concentrate & Permeate (Digital)
  • Low Pressure Piping: Sch80 PVC
  • High Pressure Piping: 316SS

To View Information on the Delta-400: Click Here (.pdf file)

Delta Series: Delta-30HF/Delta-50HF/Delta-60HF/Delta-85HF: 30 to 100 Gallons Per Minute

To View Information on the Delta HF Series: Click Here (.pdf file)

Delta Series: Delta-15C/Delta60C: 5 to 15 Gallons Per Minute

To View Information on the Delta C Series: Click Here (.pdf file)

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